Allow me to inform about Canak-Knock! That Is There?

Allow me to inform about Canak-Knock! That Is There?

Just how do Koreans satisfy times? Through buddies? Dating apps? Through a provided pastime? By bumping into each other in the streets whenever they’re operating later?

Here’s another concept. Did you ever hear of “Hunting Pub or “Booking Club” in Korea? They have been bars that help you put up blind times on the go!

Since I have stumbled on Korea, we heard some rumors about them from my Korean buddies, therefore I had been always interested. My interested expat buddies and I also lay out on an adventure this past year, but failed… we learned that the string called Blue Ketchup has closed down not long ago, therefore the destination we discovered final minute didn’t actually assist us look for a date that is blind.

After residing for per year in Korea, my buddy finally found A hunting that is“ pub nevertheless existed! Not just achieved it occur, however it had a long type of young Koreans waiting to get involved with that pub.

Therefore one plan-less Friday evening, a set of feminine expats in Seoul challenged by themselves to move base into a Korean blind pub that is dating.

This is how the spot works!

  • Be sure to get there in a female-only or male-only team. In the event that you get in a blended team you are split. Although we said “group,” we recommend planning pairs.
  • Recognize that you’ll need some Korean speaking abilities to talk to neighborhood Koreans on a date that is blind. You’ll be fortunate if you discover anyone who is confident in talking English.
  • Make it happen at around 9:30 pm

10:30 pm . 9pm you’ll have no problem finding seats, but by 10pm, you may have to wait in line if it’s.

  • This could be embarrassing, but have actually the courage become susceptible! Enjoy!
  • Step one: Show your I.D. to your protection during the door, and hold back until the waiter guides you to definitely a dining table.

    Step two: whenever some food is ordered by you(10,000

    30,000 KRW) and products (3,000 KRW

    ), remember to inform the waiter you are thinking about getting introduced to a blind date. In the spot we visited, the directions had been regarding the final web page for the menu.

    Step three: The worker in charge of establishing times can come for your requirements to inquire of you regarding the age, and exactly how proficient you’re in Korean if you’re a foreigner.

    Step: The worker brings some dudes from a various table, therefore simply enjoy speaking, consuming, and consuming with them! The people frequently provide to fund anything you ordered.

    My experience: I became stressed about going in to the dating that is blind, but when we forced myself to go in there and began chatting, every thing had been fine. I eventually got to exercise plenty of my Korean speaking skills, and so I might return only for that. Unfortuitously, my buddy and I also are not enthusiastic about our dates, in order that was a little embarrassing, however it had been nevertheless great to learn another part of Korean tradition!


    • You don’t have actually to muster your courage up to start speaking with a complete stranger in a pub.
    • You’re likely to get a free meal and drink if you’re a girl.
    • You’re in a general public area full of other folks, therefore you’re fairly safe in comparison to those private space scheduling clubs.


    • You’ll have actually to stay with whoever the worker pairs you up with. It’s means to check your fortune!
    • You’re going to be expected to pay for the girls’ meal and drink if you’re a guy. Korean culture that is dating #1.
    • The koreans may feel too nervous about speaking in English if you’re a foreigner.

    Their meals and products had been additionally pretty costly, so we simply strolled away without buying any such thing.

    We rather visited a spot diagonally across from that destination called “Solo Pocha,” that has been a small bit brighter, more peaceful, and affordable. The majority of the clients which were here appeared to be within their 20s, most likely given that it’s a certain area with several universities. The employees had been okcupid profiles friendlier as compared to other pub.

    Ways to get here: Solo Pocha- Konkuk University venue 1. reach Konkuk University facility exit 1. 2. get down the stairs of exit 1 making a right. 3. Make the right during the next noticeable road. You will notice a street that is lively of restaurants and cafes. 4. Make a right during the corner that is first. 5. When you notice a road expanding on the left, you really need to see Solo Pocha on your own right. You’ll see some hearts from the wall surface, and possibly some promoters waiting outside by having a flyer.

    Solo Pocha- Hongik University Location

    It really is found between Hongdae section, Hapjeong place, and Sangsu place. It really is fairly near the Hongdae Children’s Park, that will be a landmark that is famous those staying in Seoul.

    Walk along the street that is main the park. You’ll see it in the corner. Or walk right uphill from Sangsu station exit 1.

    Solo Pocha is apparently additionally positioned in Busan, Bupyeong, Seomyeon, and Suyu. If you’re inquisitive, inform me, and I also can look it for you personally.

    Best of luck with locating A korean date in Korea! Be safe and now have fun.